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How to Play Slots

Slots is probably the easiest casino game to learn how to play. In fact you could have absolutely no clue what you are doing, and still be able to win or lose as fast as anyone else. It’s a little more entertaining to actually know why you are winning and losing though isn’t it? You can also try some of the slot machine games over at for free before you play for real money. Our article here discusses some basic slot principles that we hope will help you be able to enjoy your slots play a little bit more.

Traditional 3 Reel Slots:

3 reel slotThree reel slots are the easiest slot machines to learn how to play. The term three reels means that there are three windows in the machine. For example you could spin a machine and it would display bar-bar-bar or cherry-bar-cherry. Each one of the three is considered a reel, and these are the most common slot machines that can be found both online and offline. The oldest of these have one pay line in the middle, and are pretty easy to play.

You can look on each individual machine and see what you need to hit on the pay line to win. Some of the three reel slot machines also have multiple pay lines, and you can win on each pay line. These machines are easy to recognize as they have many lines on the screen rather than just the one in the middle. Multi pay line machines give you the opportunity to wager more on each spin, as you can usually bet max credits on each payline.

More Than 3 Reel Slots:

5 reel slotMany of the newer machines have bigger screens and more reels on them. Players seem to like these more, as your chances of getting a payback on each spin is greater. The odds are not any better, but people seem to like have more options or chances to win. These machines are fairly easy to learn how to play as well, it just takes a little getting used to. It can be difficult for beginners to go through all of the pay lines quickly to see if they have a winner. The machine does this automatically for you, but it is always fun to see where you hit or to look at your near misses.

Jackpot Machines and Other Progressives:

Jackpot and progressive machines can make for fun entertainment once you learn how to play them properly. They offer players the opportunity to hit a large payday for a small investment, and you can play these progressives both online and offline. In both cases many progressive machines are run jointly by a group of casinos, and these pooling practice can often lead to jackpots that are millions of dollars. These machines can be one line or multi line machines, but there is usually only one line on the machine that will pay the progressive jackpot. Make sure that you read the rules on each slot machine before beginning to play so that you will know which line is for the progressive jackpot.