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How To Play Video Poker

videopokerLearning how to play video poker can be a rewarding experience, as it is typically one of the lowest house edge games in the casino. This holds true for both live and online casinos, and you can practice your video poker game at They offer one of the best casino bonuses to their new players, so if you ever decide to play for real money you can pick up some free cash. This article provides a nice beginning for learning how to play video poker, but I strongly suggest that you practice before playing for real money.

Video Poker Overview:

The rules of video poker are actually quite simple, though learning how to employ the proper strategy may take some time. On a typical video poker machine you can play from 1 to 5 coins on each hand. The coins can be of any value, from a penny on the smallest machines up to $100 or more on the higher value machines. Most people play coins that are $.25 or $1. When playing video poker the object is to make the highest five card poker hand, and you get your initial cards and one draw to make your best hand.

When you draw you can take zero cards if you have a good hand such as a straight or a flush, or you can take 1,2,3,4, or even 5 cards. Winning hands are hands that have a pair of jacks or better. One of the keys to learning how to play video poker is selecting the proper machine. The best machines have pay tables that resemble the one found here at Wizard of Odds. The most simple strategy to use is listed below. It gives you an idea of what you should hold, and what you should draw.

1. Four of a kind, straight flush, royal flush
2. 4 to a royal flush
3. Three of a kind, straight, flush, full house
4. 4 to a straight flush
5. Two pair
6. High pair
7. 3 to a royal flush
8. 4 to a flush
9. Low pair
10. 4 to an outside straight
11. 2 suited high cards
12. 3 to a straight flush
13. 2 unsuited high cards (if more than 2 then pick the lowest 2)
14. Suited 10/J, 10/Q, or 10/K
15. One high card
16. Discard everything

Using this basic strategy you will get an expected return of 99.46%, which is one of the better payouts in the casino. This will enable you to get a good gamble while not giving away too much house advantage. For more information on playing video poker, please check out the Wizard’s site, as he has the best video poker information on the internet.